Set up your Safe Food Pro Account

Getting Started: Simple steps to a successful setup

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To get your Safe Food Pro account up and running, follow these steps. You can take 10 minutes on each step per day and get set up in a week, or you can choose to be an overachiever and complete all of them in a couple of hours. So, it's up to you to decide how you want to proceed.

Watch our 5-minute quick start video, or dive into a more detailed tutorial. Safe Food Pro webinar

Add your Suppliers & Equipment

Once you have gone through our set-up wizard, you can head to the login screen and enter your login details. Let's get your Equipment and Suppliers out of the way: 

  • Add equipment to start monitoring your maintenance schedule & to start taking your daily temperature checks. Once you've added your Fridges and freezers they will automatically show in your Temperature Check form on the app, it's ready when you are. 
  • Add suppliers like delivery companies and maintenance services. This lets you fill out delivery forms for tracking and easily contact suppliers directly from the app.

Review and customise your Food Safety forms

Our forms are based on MPI's forms, so most are ready for your use. You may need to customize a few to suit your needs better. Use the app to see what works for you and your team. Start with your cleaning forms, as most other forms should already be completed. Check out our resource on Mastering Form Building

To do this:

  1. Log into the Web Console (computer) 
  2. Go to Forms 
  3. Click the Pencil icon to edit any pre-existing forms schedule or content
  4. OR Click the Green plus icon to create your custom forms

Set up Users and Get your Team on board!

You can now begin setting up your staff since your account set-up is almost complete. 

There are two ways in which your staff can interact with the app:

  1. Using a Generic Staff tablet 
    • Set up a Tablet User to sign in to the tablet, you can do this on the Staff and Users tab on the Admin Console. This will get you to set an email address and password to sign in to the tablet. 
    • Set your Staff up as Staff. Here you will set them up with a 4-digit PIN code, this is what your staff will use to complete forms on the already logged-in tablet (they won't need their login details this way).
  2. Using their Own Mobile Device - Your staff will need their email address and password to log in with. To do this: 
    • Log into the Web Console
    • Go to Staff & Users 
    • Click the Plus button to add a new user (then click the user icon) 
    • Add the Staff members' email address & password, then their first & last name
    • SAVE

Train your staff on how to sign in and use the app to help them get started quickly - here is the article  Setting up Staff in Safe Food Pro

This step may take some time, but remember you are changing the way you do your Food Safety. Adapting to change can take some time 👌

Learn to monitor your Dashboard & review reports 

Let's check in and see how the team is progressing with completing their forms.

To do this: 

  1. Log in to your Web Console (Only for Admins or Managers) 
  2. Learn how to monitor Form Completion
  3. Learn how to view and export Reports
  4. Check out our Getting Ready for Verification Webinar so you can be confident about what to do on your Verification day!

Bonus Tips

Congrats on making it this far! To thank you for all of your hard work setting up, we've put in a couple of bonus tips & tricks. 

  • Set up User Notifications to stay on top of any maintenance due, troubleshooting forms completed, action alerts & more 
  • Message your team any news or updates using our Messaging tool
  • Stay on top of Corrective Actions by using the Corrective Actions

Finally don't forget to visit our Education Center, and Support Portal or reach out to our Support Team to help with any questions you may have!

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