Creating a Custom Form

Need to build a form to suit you? You can create a custom form from scratch!

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You can make and edit your forms from the Administration Console (Computer), simply login then go to  Forms. 

A Custom form is split into two sections: 

  1. Form Settings
  2. Form Design
Let's build a form together! As an example, we are going to make a Monday Cleaning Checklist using all of the tools available to us. 

Form Settings: 

This is where you can set how your form works and how it's displayed: 

  • Add an attribution if you want to reference a link at the top of your form
  • Set the Form Statistic Group - this is how you can track your completed forms in the Dashboard Buckets
  • Choose if you want this to be a Quiz
  • Name of the form and add a description if needed

  • Enter the email address you want the completed form to be sent to.
  • Set the form schedule from Daily, Weekly, Monthly or None.

Form Design: 

In the form design you have 5 tools that you can build your form with, depending on your screen size you will find these tools either to the right of your form builder (as shown below) or at the bottom of the form: 

Note: To delete a tool you can click the  rubbish bin icon on the bottom right corner. To copy a tool click the  square icon next to the bin.  


Add question text, an optional prompt and select your answer type. You can also make this a required question by clicking the toggle in the corner. 

Collapsible Panel 

Use collapsible panels if you have a large explanation, that way you can hide or reveal it when you need to. 

Section Header

Use these to separate your form in different sections. You can also use this to make a repeating section.

Conditional Section

These appear as a yes/no question. If the answer selected is yes then the questions below the conditional header will appear, if no they will stay hidden. 

Instruction Text 

This is used to fully display some instruction text. 

Now let's see how this looks on the app! 

The Tools are used in this order: 

  1. Section Header
  2. Collapsible Panel
  3. Question
  4. Conditional Section
  5. Instruction Text

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