Using a Repeating Question or Section in a Custom Form

Need to answer a question or group of questions multiple times? Our form builder has options to include a repeating question or a repeating section.

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Sometimes you would like your workers to be able to answer a question, or a group of questions, more than once. For instance, repeat a 'Signature Capture' question type if you need everyone present to sign a form. In Safe Food Pro there are options to do this using either a repeating question or a repeating section. 

Repeating Question

A repeating question is used to repeat a single question in a form. This means that this question can be filled out as many times as your workers need to fill it out.

To do this:

  1. Log in to the Web Console
  2. Go to Forms
  3. Click on the Pencil Icon to edit the form
  4. Go to the Form Design section
  5. Find or create the custom form in which you want to use a repeating question.
  6. Find or create the question that you want to repeat.
  7. Toggle on the button that says Allow Multiple Answers.
  8. To use a repeating question in a form, fill out the field in the question, then  click the grey Repeat Previous Question button. You can now fill in the question again.

Repeating Section

Similar to a repeating question, a repeating section instead allows you to repeat a block of several questions. 

To do this:

  1. Go to the Form 
  2. Find or create the form that you want to use in the repeating section.
  3. To start a repeating section, use a section header. These can be found in the panel below, or to the side of the form builder. 
  4. Enter a name for the section in the section header
  5. At the bottom of the section header toggle on the button that says Allow Multiple Answers.
  6. Enter questions that you want in the repeating section below the section header.

  7. To finish the repeating section, add a new section header. If you don't, the repeating section will continue to the last question in the form. 

To use a repeating section in a form, fill out any number of questions in the section, then click the grey Repeat Previous Section button. You can now fill in the questions in the section again. 

A repeating section will repeat everything below it until the next section header or the bottom of a form. This means if your section header is the last set of questions in a form, you do not need to put a section header below it.

The  section header that you use to end a repeating section can also be used to start a different repeating section.

Note: You can not use a repeating question inside of a repeating section 

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