Adding and Deleting Equipment such as Fridges and Freezers

Set up your Equipment so you can complete your daily temperature checks & maintain your equipment

As a part of your Food Safety Plan you need to monitor the temperature of the food in your Fridge(s) & Freezers. You also need to maintain your equipment and show the verifier records of your maintenance and calibration checks. Safe Food Pro helps you collect and collate this information.

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Adding & Deleting Equipment

It's super simple to manage your Equipment in Safe Food Pro! Let's get started by adding our Equipment: 

  1. Login to the Admin Console
  2. Click Equipment 
  3. Click the green plus button 
  4. Start adding the details as required (make sure you answer all of the fields with a * before you save) 
  5. SAVE

If you no longer use this piece of equipment or you just need to get rid of it, you can delete it by clicking the bin icon. 

Fridges, Freezers & Hot-Holding

You'll need to add your Fridges, Freezers & Hot-Holding equipment so you can start to take your daily temperature checks. When adding equipment your temperature boundaries are automatically set based on the category you selected e.g. 

  • Refrigeration Category | The temperature boundaries will notify you if the temperature entered on the app is above 5 degrees or below 2 degrees
  • Freezer Category | The temperature boundaries will notify you if the temperature entered on the app is above -15 degrees or below -22 degrees
  • Hot Holding Category | The temperature boundaries will notify you if the temperature entered on the app is above 95 degrees or below 60 degrees. By default the Hot-Holding forms are set to Ad Hoc, you can change the schedule of these in the Forms page. 

Note: In order for you to provide your maintenance records you should also create an equipment record for each piece of equipment that you calibrate and maintain. You can then fill in ad-hoc maintenance/inspection and calibration forms using the mobile application.

Attaching Resources to your Equipment

You may want to attach equipment manuals or cleaning resources to the equipment! This can be done by linking a resource specifically to the piece of equipment: 

  1. Click green plus button next to Resources 
  2. Add a Resource
  3. This Resource will be displayed on the Resources page on both your Mobile/Tablet and your Administration Console 

If you want to learn more about adding resources have a read of this article!

Maintaining Equipment

When setting up your equipment you set a maintenance schedule. It's best to set this schedule based on how often you get someone to check your equipment. When your equipment gets maintained you can then complete a maintenance form and this will automatically update your maintenance schedule. 

To complete the form: 

  1. Log in to Mobile/ Tablet Application.
  2. Click the Green Plus Button to open Ad Hoc Forms.
  3. Use the form "Regular equipment maintenance register" under Maintenance.
  4. Click "What equipment has been serviced/checked/maintained?" to select the related equipment.
  5. Once the form has been completed a new "due date" will be displayed on the maintenance frequency chosen in the equipment set-up.

Viewing Completed Maintenance Forms: 

There are 3 ways to view completed maintenance forms:

  1. Log into the app, go to 'Maintenance' and click the viewing icon next to the form you want to open.
  2. Log into Administration Console, click 'Equipment', edit equipment by selecting the pencil icon, scroll down and select 'Show Last Maintenance Report'.
  3. Log into Administration Console, click 'Reports', then click 'Completed forms' at the top of the page, click the viewing icon next to your maintenance form.  

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