Release Notes October 2023

Release Notes 3.2

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Form Preview

Please Note: This feature is only available for our  Premium & Enterprise Customers

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You can use our new preview function to review your forms. Use the new preview feature to review form details and view forms as your team sees them on the mobile app, all inside the admin console. 

Mobile App on Desktop

Please Note: This feature is only available for our  Premium & Enterprise Customers

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Our latest update allows you to access Safe Food Pro's mobile app on your desktop web browser, making it easier to transition from the Web Console to the App on the Web. This function helps high-level (admin) users complete detailed forms like incident reports, and customer complaints forms and edit completed forms on a laptop or desktop.

Bulk Upload & Delete

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New Bulk Upload Users Tool:

Onboarding new team members and subcontractors is fast and easy with our new tool to bulk upload users with an account. Simply enter their details into the bulk upload template, upload it and they'll be up and running in no time.

New Bulk Delete & Archive Functionality: 

Managing your Users & Equipment has just become even easier. Our new bulk delete capabilities for Users & Equipment make managing these areas faster and easier. 

Group Admin Enhancements

View Organisation with Edited Group Forms

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Gain insight at the Group level to see which organisations have edited your Group Forms. Use this new information to ensure your organisations receive the updates to forms they need. Partners, use this to gain insight into which of your customers in your Group have edited your forms. 

Our new tool enables you to revert your organisation's overridden forms back to the latest group version:

  • Reverting a Group Form to the latest Group settings leaves the organisation's custom schedules & email lists untouched. 
  • Custom schedules an organisation has set can be reverted too - separately from the questions in the form. 
  • For partners, this enables you to revert your forms which your customers have overridden.

Take Control of Your Group Forms:

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It is now possible to hide group forms from certain organisations. This feature allows you to create forms at the group level that are only relevant to specific organisations or even just one organisation. If a form is set to be hidden from an organisation, it can only become visible to them if you enable it at the group level.

Form Builder Enhancements

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Introducing New Flexible Answer Types: 

We’ve created 2 new answer types:

  • ‘N/A, Yes, No + Reason’
  • ‘N/A, No, Yes + Reason’

E.g: You could use this to ask “Have you done the temperature checks today?” - If this is not part of your staff's duty they can choose ‘N/A’ instead of answering ‘No + Reason’.This improves your reporting and avoids an unnecessary Blue Note. 

New Conditional Section Triggers:

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Our new conditional section triggers make building your forms more versatile and powerful. They can be accessed using the new simple Yes/No or new multi-choice question allowing you to tailor them to be triggered in more specific situations making completing forms faster for your team.

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