Bulk Upload, Delete & Archive

Make setting up and managing easy with the bulk upload, delete and archive function

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Using the Bulk Upload

To perform bulk uploads, select Suppliers, Equipment or Team from the main menu on the Safe Food Pro Dashboard, depending on what you want to upload. You can always edit or fix any details from within your selected page at a later time. The process for bulk uploading is the same for all three options.

  1. Click the Green plus button
  2. Click the Green arrow bulk upload button

  3. Click on the Template link to get a copy of the CSV file format
  4. Organise your existing file into this format and save it
  5. Once you have the file ready click on the Upload button and select your file
  6. Your file will now be imported.

Note: When bulk uploading, make sure to follow the suggested key. The bulk upload process is case and spelling-sensitive. If you have any questions make sure you ask our support team first (support@siteapppro.com)

Note:  Uploading a blank bulk template will show an error message and will not allow you to upload the template.

Bulk Delete/Archive

The new bulk delete and archive features have made managing Users and Equipment easier. The process for bulk deleting/ archiving for both Users and Equipment is the same.

To do this:

  1. Log in to Web Console
  2. Got to either Users / Equipment from the main menu
  3. Click on the 'Bulk Delete/Archive Mode'
  4. Multi - Select the ones you want to delete/archive
  5. Click on the ' Delete Record' button
  6. Type 'delete' to confirm

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