Using Yes/No + Reason or No/Yes + Reason Answers

Need to know why someone has answered Yes or No? Then you can use the Yes/No or No/Yes + Reason Answer 

You can use this Answer type by adding it to an existing form or adding it to a custom form. 

To do this simply: 

  1. Log in to the Web Console (Computer Log in).
  2. Go to Forms.
  3. Either click the Orange plus button to create a new form or the edit button to alter an existing form.
  4. Click the Question button to add a new question.
  5. Select the Yes/No + Reason or No/Yes + Reason answer type.
  6. SAVE.


Yes/No + Reason: 

  • Cooking Test: Was this food cooked at an acceptable temperature? 
    • If answered no then they can explain why and what was done with it.
  • Cleaning: Have the bench tops been wiped down?   
    • If answered no then they can explain why.

No/Yes + Reason: 

  • Maintenance Forms: Is any follow-up required?   
    • If answered yes then what needs to be done can be added.
  • Pest Checks: Were any pests found? 
    • If answered yes then they can write what was found and what they did.


This answer type acts as an  Action Alert/Blue note. After a form with this answer type is completed, its entries will appear in the activity stream. All reasons will be displayed as blue notes and can be viewed by hovering over them.

View from Activity Stream: 

View from a Completed Form: 

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