How to Add Food Items in Forms

We've created a list of food items that can be added to your forms to make it easier when you cook or sell certain goods regularly.

You can add Food Items in the Resource section, which can then be added straight into your forms so you only need to enter them in once! Check out how to do this below:

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Creating a New 'Food Item':

  1. Log in to the Web Console
  2. Go to the Resource Section
  3. Click on the Food Item tab
  4. Click the Green Plus button to add a food item and categorize it for easy access in a list.

  5. You can now create a new custom form or alter an existing form to use this food item list.

Note: If you have a Group, you can also add Food Items from Group Level

Adding Food Items to Forms:

  1. Add a question then choose the Answer type Food items - select from. Then click Save


  2. When you use the form on the mobile device and answer the menu item question you get to choose your option from the list you have created.   

    Note:  If you want to use an item not listed you can manually type an answer in the box. The item is not saved in the Food Items list but is used in that form to answer the question.

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