Verification - Checklist

Note: This verification is for our New Zealand Customers Only

We've put together a list of steps and tasks to help you prepare for your Verification

It's always good to double-check that you've followed the right procedures and completed the correct forms, although not all of these steps may apply to you based on your Food Control Plan.

Note: A great way to check these steps below is to generate your Verifier Summary Report (from the Reports Page) to check the Form Completion looks great and everything looks correct. 

Form Completion 

  1. Check you've been filling in your Daily, Weekly & Monthly Forms 
    • The best way to check this is from the Dashboard 

Food Control Plan

  1. Make sure you and your staff know where to find your Simply Safe and Suitable FCP Template
    • You will find this in the Resources, your Verifier may ask to see this on the day! 
  2. Receiving a Delivery Form has been completed 
    • This is to cover the traceability section of the FCP. Every delivery should be recorded in case of a supplier recall. You should be recording the temperatures of any chilled goods. 
  3. Any Troubleshooting Forms. Use the Ad Hoc form Incident Log
    • Even if it's minor, the verifiers love seeing that you are logging incidents and learning from them
  4. Complete the FCP Details
    • Make sure the tick boxes are completed to show who is responsible for certain tasks and how you are going to manage risk e.g. pests.
    • Don't forget to upload your Business Layout Plan under FCP Details in the My Business Section
  5. Check your Cooking Forms
    • We find people can miss the Cooking and Cooling forms, so reference those with your Food Control Plan and make sure you are filling out the right forms. 


  1. Hot & Cold Probe Thermometer Calibration Forms 
  2. Any Maintenance forms if your Equipment has been maintained since your last Verification 


  1. Record any Staff Sickness 
  2. Delete any Staff that have left 
  3. Complete Staff Inductions 
  4. Complete Training for all staff in relevant sections of the Food Control Plan depending on their role. Use the Specific Training of Business Procedure/Method Form!
  5. As a minimum, the training provided should meet the requirements shown in the “Training and Competency” section in the FCP:
    • Cleaning hands
    • Wearing clean clothing
    • Reporting sickness
    • Dealing with food that could make people sick
    • Cleaning and sanitizing
    • Keeping foods separate in the food preparation area (including, managing allergens, keeping raw/uncooked food away from cooked food, and managing chemicals and poisons).
    • Other procedures specific to the business
    • What to do when something goes wrong.


  1. Make sure you've read through our Verification Pack so you are aware of what you need to know before the day. 
  2. Send your Verifier the Verifiers Guide to a Safe Food Pro Verification if they have any questions. 

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