MPI Update S39-0004 (18th May 2023)

MPI updated the Simply Safe & Suitable Food Control Plan Template to version S39-0004

On Thursday 18th May 2023 MPI updated the Simply Safe and Suitable Food Control Template to version S39-0004.  If your business is using a template Food Control Plan (FCP), you must update your plan with some specific sections (cards) by 30 June 2023 and to the full plan by 20 February 2024.  There are similar updates for anyone on a National Programme.  

New businesses must comply with the new requirements from 30th June 2023.

Note: Contact our Customer Support team if you need any help updating your forms or uploading the new template.  If you are part of a Group your Group Admin will make the changes or inform you how to update your forms.

In this Article

Click here to download the S39-0004 version of the Simply Safe and Suitable template.

To see the full changes on the MPI website click here.

What are the changes ahead?  

  • Allergen management, including plain English labelling
  • Food recall requirements.  This includes creating a mock recall for a likely scenario and reviewing the effectiveness of your processes.
Note: These relate to the current sections ‘Recalling your food’, ‘Separating food’, ‘Knowing what’s in your food, ‘Packaging and labelling’

Other changes that may need to be applied depending on whether your business:

  • Has a water supply from roof water/surface or groundwater
  • Uses acid to control bugs e.g. products with vinegar
  • Makes Sushi
  • Uses Hot-smoking to control bugs
Note: If any of these processes do not apply to your business you can ignore these updates

How can Safe Food Pro help with these updates?

  • We are updating our own forms to reflect the changes that are required by the 30th June 2023.  This will include a new Mock Recall Form, scheduled annually.
  • We have uploaded the new Simply Safe and Suitable Template to our S3 group under the Resources section.  
  • We are creating a short quiz around the new allergen requirements.

What do you need to do?

  • If you are not part of our S3 group but are using the Simply Safe and Suitable template, ensure you have the latest template in your Safe Food Pro Resources
  • You will need to understand how the changes affect you and whether any of the form changes required will be seen by your business.  If you have your own version of our standard forms this will not be the case.  Our forms have the green SFP* icon beside them.
  • You may need to check with your verifier to see whether there is anything, in particular, you need to be aware of.
  • Review the requirements under the "Recalling your food" section including the annual  "mock recall".  We have created a generic form but the recall should be based on your business needs and may not fit with your processes.  If this is the case, you may need to contact your verifier about how to create a simulated recall.
  • Train your staff on the changes. Use our form "Specific training of business procedure/method" to record that you have explained the changes to staff and that they understand how the changes affect their job.
Note: Contact our Customer Support team if you need any help updating your forms or uploading the new template.

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