Using Summary Reports

Send a Summary Report of your Food Safety records to your Auditor or monitor your Food Safety by viewing your summary reports based on their form type

The Summary Reports page is built up of a collation of your reports based on their Form Type. You will see two different types:

  • Summary Report, which gives you a collation of your Food Safety Records that you can send to your auditor. 
  • Smaller Summary report snippets throughout the page, these are summary snippets that give you an insight into Incidents, Training, Exceptions, Temperature Checks & more. 

In this Article

Generate your Summary Report

This report displays the information you need to support your organisation verification. Generate this report before your verification to double-check you are all up to date, then email or print it off to give to your auditor. Your auditor can also be set up with an Auditor User access and can view this report by logging into your account. 

This report includes a summary of data recorded from your last verification date to today, if you haven't set your last verification date in your account then it is based on the day you started your Safe Food Pro account. 

Set your last Verification date by: 

  1. Go to My Business 
  2. Stay on organisation details 
  3. Scroll down till you see last verification date 
  4. While you are there, add in your next verification date if you know it   

 Now you can go onto generating your Summary Report: 

  1. Go to Reports 
  2. Stay on Summary 
  3. Click Generate Report in the top left corner Summary Report Contents

Summary Report Contents

Your Summary Report contains a lot of information, that will be really helpful for your Verification. The report is broken down and colour-coordinated to match the MPI templates and is based off the Safe Food Pro default forms that are given to you when you set up your account. 

Tips & Tricks

  • You are able to update and change most of the information in the Set Up section from the Organisation Details and the Food Plan Details page in the My Business section.  
  • The rest of the information is based on the form completion of the SFP default forms during this time period 
  • Click the eye icon to open the Form Report in each section, this can show you each individual form that was completed 
  • Use the show columns option to filter the number of columns that show when you export the document 
  • Exception reports show under forms that have action-required notes added to them or a reason is added to a Y/No (or No/Y) + Reason answer type 
  • Print or email the report by clicking the buttons in the top right corner 

If you use custom forms or forms you built yourself, these will not show in this report. You will need to generate Form Reports for these to send off with your Summary Report.

Additional Summary Reports 

You can also generate individual summary reports, these are based off the Form Type of the form and the date range selected on the Reports page. Most of these are based on the Safe Food Pro default form, apart from the Custom Staff Training Report. If you want reports based on your custom forms then you will need to pop over to the Form Reports page. 

Exporting Summary Reports

  1. Make sure you select your date range first 
  2. Find the summary report you are after 
  3. Click the print icon to print or
  4. The mail icon to email or 
  5. The download icon to download a CSV copy 

Sort & Filter Summary Report

Easily rearrange or hide sections based on your preferences. It's important to note that these customizations are specific to your login, ensuring that you always have access to the information that matters most to you.

To do this:

  1. To customise your Summary Reports, simply navigate to the Reports tab on the menu bar.
  2. Click the Settings wheel in the top right corner to access the customization options. 
  3. Drag the tiles to re-order 
  4. Hide any reports that aren't relevant to you by clicking on the eye icon. 

This added flexibility allows you to tailor your reporting to focus on the most critical information for your organization. 

Note: These settings will be saved automatically for your convenience

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