Temperature Profile

Monitor your temperature readings and receive notifications if they exceed the designated limits.

Feature Alert: To access this feature you will need to purchase a Temperature Profile Sensor from our Shop. These will be available online soon.  

The temperature profile question type enables you to monitor your temperature readings over a set time period and receive notifications if they exceed the designated limits. 

With this feature, you can stay ahead of any potential risks and take proactive measures to monitor Hot-Holding and Cooling methods with ease. A temperature graph is a valuable tool that allows you to compare expected versus actual values, giving you a quick and comprehensive summary of your data. 

In this Article

Setting up the Form

  1. Log in to the Admin Console (Computer Login) 
  2. Create a new Custom Form or Edit an existing one 
  3. Add a new question
  4. Select the answer type 'Temperature Profile' 
  5. Save the Form. 

Using the Temperature Profile

  1. Open the Mobile App. 
  2. Open the Form you just edited or created. 
  3. Go to the Temperature Profile question 
  4. Select the Food Item you are checking
  5. Select the relevant sensor you are using
  6. The app will compare the temperature reading to the current temperature profile over your selected time period and automatically save the answer 
  7. Save the Form

Temperature Reporting

  1. Log in to the Admin Console (Computer Login) 
  2. Head to the Report tab on the menu bar
  3. Click on the completed form’s tab.
  4. Filter by Form name or by Form category.
  5. Click on the form and now you will be able to view the graph and table for the temperature profile.
Note: If the temperature reading is outside of the expected range, you will receive a notification alerting you to the issue. You can set the notification in the user profile under ‘user notification’ as Temperature Sensor Reading Out of Bounds

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