ETI Probe Troubleshooting for Android Devices

Any TempTest devices using Firmware 1.00v will have issues with Android Products especially Samsung devices. This article will show you how to resolve this issue

To resolve the issue your Android may be experiencing with your ETI Probe you just need to update the firmware of the ETI Probe itself. To update the firmware on any ETI Bluetooth Device is very easy, and can be done out in the field too. To do so, download the Therma Firmware App from the Google Play Store.

Therma Firmware - Apps on Google Play

NOTE: Please note this has to be done on a device that isn’t showing signs of the bug. The reason it has to be on a device that isn’t showing the problem is that the instrument will try and connect the same way, so if this bug is present the same error will occur. For example, if you had an Android Device and experienced the connection bug you would need to use a different Android Device to update the firmware in the ETI Probes.

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