Setting up Staff on the Mobile Device

Let's get your Staff set up and using Safe Food Pro in no time. Send this article off to your staff when you're ready for them to get started.

If you haven't already set up your Safe Food Pro account and set up your Users/Staff then it's best to take one step back before landing here. Maybe journey through these articles first:

If you have completed all of the steps in the Setting up Safe Food Pro article then firstly... you're AWESOME! Secondly, it sounds like you're ready to get your staff using the app. Let's get them straight into it. Send them this article and they can read the information below. 

This article consists of three steps for your staff to work through: 

1. Watch this Video 🚀

Who doesn't love a quick video intro on how to use the app. Learn the tips on Safe Food Pro in 3 minutes by watching this video 

 2. Set up a PIN number 🙌

Depending on how your team is using Safe Food Pro this step can be a little different for everyone. Look through the options below to see which option relates most to you (you may need to check with your admin on this one). 

Staff using Safe Food Pro on their own Mobile Device You would've been given your own email address and password to login to the App. Download Safe Food Pro from the App Store on your Phone. When you login it will prompt you to set a 4 digit pin number. This is what you'll use to complete forms on the App.
Staff using a shared Tablet  Then you would've been set up as a Staff member. Your Admin may have already told you your 4-digit pin code to sign off forms. Or you can set this up on the app with your admin. To do this: 
    1. Click the menu icon on the app (three lines in the top left corner) 
    2. Go to  Staff 
    3. Click your name in the list. For security reasons to access their record you will be prompted to select an Admin or Managers name from the list and for them to add their pin code. They'll need to allow you to have access to view staff records. 
    4. Once you're in you can set your 4 digit pin code & signature 

Note: Now when you sign a form with a PIN your signature will be displayed on the completed form

3. Now it's your turn ⚡️

Now that you've watched the video on using the app and have been set up with the ability to complete forms then it's your time to try. Have a play around with these tasks below: 

  • Navigate between the TODAY, THIS WEEK & THIS MONTH tabs. This is where you will find your scheduled forms
  • Find your Ad Hoc forms by clicking the green plus button 
  • Try complete a form for yourself. Click SAVE to finish the form and select your name from the list. Here's where you can finally put in your 4 digit pin code
  • Go to the Menu (here's a hint... it's the three lines in the top left corner. Find the SAVED FORMS tab and view the form you just completed). This is where you can finish or edit forms you've completed 

That's it! You're done. Now all you need to do is start completing the forms you need to each day. The goal is to complete all of the forms each day so you can hit 100% form completion and be Employee of the Month (or at least in my eyes) 🏆

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