Download csv Templates

CSV templates are to be used when bulk-uploading items to Suppliers

To download the csv files click on the links under each section.

Bulk Upload Staff

Template for Staff

When Bulk Uploading staff you'll need to match this exact format. Reminder, This is only for Staff, not Users, Users needed to be added individually to set them up with their login details: 

  • First Name & Last Name are required fields
  • PIN needs to be 4 digits & only numbers 

Bulk Upload Equipment

Template for Equipment

When Bulk Uploading equipment you'll need to match this exact format: 

  • Equipment Name is a required field 
  • Equipment Category must match the existing categories (Cleaning, Cooking, Food Preparation, Freezer, Heating, Hot Holding, Refrigeration) 
  • Maintenance Frequency Interval must match the existing intervals (Day, Week, Month, Year, Hour or kilometre) 
  • Maintained By must match your existing Supplier's names from your Supplier page 
  • Date format DD/MM/YYYY

Bulk Upload Suppliers

Template for Suppliers

When Bulk Uploading suppliers you'll need to match this exact format: 

  • Supplier Name, Supplier Type, Items Supplied is a required field
  • Supplier Type must either be Goods or Services 
  • Please enter any date in 'DD/MM/YYYY'

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