Release Notes for April, 2021

Manage Corrective Actions, New User Roles, Deeper Form Analysis, and heaps more!

Check out the full release notes here

Assign, Prioritise and Notify your team about Corrective Actions

We've overhauled our Corrective Action workflow!  You can now create, track and export all Corrective Actions from the Admin Console and view and update all your required actions from a consolidated mobile view.

Analyse Form Statistics from your Dashboard 

Follow trends and correlate form and answer data across you businesses! Graphically view completed forms or specific answers by type or category to compare weeks or months of data.

Audit History

Track the changes your staff have made to forms by turning on your Audit History. 

For example, this can be helpful to update temperature check forms when your Fridge has an out-of-bounds temperature. With the Audit History turned on you'd be able to: 

  1. Take the initial temperature
  2. Create a Blue Note explaining temperature is out of bounds
  3. Add a Corrective Action to go back and take the temperature again in an hour (for example) 
  4. Edit the form after an hour and change the temperature to the new one 

You'd then be able to save the form and still be able to view the initial temperature that was taken.

We've got heaps more features and improvements for you! Make sure you update your mobile app, and check out the full release notes here.

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