Configuring the Wi-Fi on the WH-2 Wireless Hubs

To collect your temperature logs automatically from the temperature sensors you will need to configure the WH-2 Wireless Hubs correctly.

Please note the WH-2 Hubs only support Wi-Fi Standard 2.4GHz.

Please note these units don't support manual/username proxy or captive portal Networks, on either Wi-Fi or LAN Connection. 

The process to configure the Wi-Fi Access Point details for the WH-2 Hubs is below.

Press and hold the button show below in the Red Circle for 5 seconds until three lights on the top are all on. 

The gateway will now reboot into into Wi-Fi module configuration mode. Please wait around 45 seconds, then search for the wireless network (Wi-Fi name: HI-LINK-**** Password: 12345678) on your computer. Please finish the configuration in 10 minutes. Otherwise, the device will exit the Wi-Fi module configuration mode.

Once the wireless network HI-LINK-**** is connected successfully, please start a browser session and type . A login Window interface will pop-up on the browser. The default username and password are "admin" (lowercase). Please input the username “admin” and password “admin”, If the username and password are correct, you are able to access the webpage management interface. You can change this Admin Password if you wish, but this will be explained later after the Wi-Fi connection is successful.

On this page you will see the section that will be of interest to you. 

First Select the drop-down menu "Netmode"

You will most likely select "WIFI(CLIENT)-SERIAL" to connect to your existing Wi-Fi Connection already at your location. 

After selecting the Netmode "WIFI(Client)-Serial" it will now show the details below

Enter your SSID (Wi-Fi Network Name) in the Field Named SSID, please note the "Scan" option is very browser depended and doesn't work in all browsers, remember these units only support 2.4GHz Wi-Fi Networks.

Then Select your Encryption type for the Wi-Fi Network (SSID) you have previously selected. 

After Selecting your Encryption Type, you will need to select your IP Type: Either DHCP or STATIC

Make sure you have entered the correct WiFi Details, make sure the 5 steps below have been set. 

  1. Netmode
  2. SSID
  3. Encryption Type
  4. Password
  5. IP Type

Next is to set the correct Sever Information, this is set just below the WiFi Setting please copy the details below.

After entering all the information as instructed above. you are ready to click "Apply" at the bottom of the Page. 

Please note, the page will not update after this point (time-out) as the device is now rebooting with the details saved, please allow about 2-3 Minutes for the Wi-Fi Connection to be established, you can now close the browser tab.

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