Changing Mobile Settings

Change the Mobile settings to suit you and the way your business does your Food Safety

There are multiple settings in the Mobile App that you can change to suit you and your team. 

To find your Mobile Settings: 

  1. Log in to the App
  2. Click the Menu Icon 
  3. Go to Settings

Settings Options: 

  • Preferred Language 
  • Hide Complete Tasks | This will hide a scheduled form off your Diary Checklist once it's completed
  • Prevent Photographs from Gallery | This will force your team to take a new photo each time, when this setting is they won't get the option to select an already taken photo from their gallery
  • Do not auto-fill time answers in Repeated Sections | If you have a Time answer type in a repeating section, this setting will stop it from automatically adding the same time answer in each section
  • Auto-scan Bluetooth probes 
  • Display inline buttons to choose a date answer | This setting will display your date answer with a date shortcut to select +1 or +2 days from today's date
  • Save recently chosen Resource Food Items for quick access 
  • Enable inline answers | This setting will display your questions inline, this will save you time from having to click into each question to answer it each time

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