Adding Suppliers from the Mobile

Add your Suppliers on the fly straight from the Mobile

You can set up your goods & services suppliers in Safe Food Pro from the Administration Console, but if you need to add one on the fly you can do this straight from the mobile app. If you want to add Suppliers Certificates, expiry dates and/or resources you can set up your supplier quickly from the mobile then go back and add the additional resources from the Admin Console when you have time.  

How to add Suppliers: 

  1. Login to the App on your Mobile or Tablet 
  2. Click the menu icon (three lines in the top left corner) 
  3. Click Suppliers 
  4. Click the green plus button to add a new supplier 
  5. Add the details as required 

Required fields: 

Make sure you fill in the required fields so you can save the supplier successfully. If you are in a rush you can add these details in then come back and finish the rest later.The required fields are: 

  • Company Name
  • Supplier Type e.g. goods or service

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