Group Dashboard

Use the Safe Food Pro Group Administrator console to monitor progress in your businesses and to check for any issues or tasks that need to be completed.

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Group Organisations

When you login to the Safe Food Pro administrator console as a Group Admin the default page that you see is the Organisations.  You can view this on your desktop or tablet Web Browser and use it to monitor activity in your businesses - even if you are not on the premises.  The Organisation view gives you a snapshot view of today's % form completion and this months % form completion.

As your staff at your sites use the Safe Food Pro tablet mobile application to enter information and complete daily, weekly and monthly tasks that information is collated and stored (in encrypted format) in the Safe Food Pro database. The Dashboard provides an overview of the following statistics for a selected period for each organisation in your Group.

  • Forms completed (form count of daily forms completed).
  • New staff (new staff added to the organisation).
  • Inductions (the number of staff induction forms completed).
  • Deliveries.
  • Staff Sickness.
  • Complaints.
  • Incidents.

Filtering Dashboard Statistics

If you have a lot of Organisations in your Group, you can sort your Group Dashboard Alphabetically or Numerically by clicking the icons on the right.

Custom Date Range

 The default period is the last 7 days, but you can change to "THIS MONTH" or "THIS WEEK" or "CUSTOM".

You can use a custom date range to monitor progress over a selected period of time. When you click "CUSTOM" you can enter both a start and end date using the calendars. The data on the dashboard will alter depending on your range. 

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