Using Bluetooth Probes

Safe Food Pro is compatible with a few Bluetooth Thermometers. See below to see what thermometers and how to set these up!

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Compatible with the Bluetooth Temperature Probe: 

  • TempTest Blue.

Infrared Thermometer: 

  • RayTemp Blue.
Note: To purchase Bluetooth Thermometers go to

Setting up your Form

  1. Login to Administration Console (Computer).
  2. Go to Forms.
  3. Either alter an existing form or create a custom form.
  4. Add a new Question.
  5. Change the answer type to Bluetooth Temperature Reading(s).
  6. Select the Food Item you will be checking - or you can select all e.g. if this form is just a poultry check you can select poultry. If this form will be used for multiple different food checks then you can select all. 
  7. Turn the toggle on to use warnings & limits. Select the temperature limits and warnings you want.
  8. SAVE.

Setting up Food Items

When taking the temperature of your Food you will need to select a Food Item. To pre-enter your food item: 

  1. Login to Safe Food Pro Administration Console (Computer/Laptop).
  2. Go to Resources.
  3. Click Food Items.
  4. Click the Green Plus Button.
  5. Add each food item individually that you will check with the thermometer.

Using Bluetooth Thermometer

  1. Once you've added your food items and have set up your form, open your Safe Food Pro app.
  2. Make sure your Device's Bluetooth is turned on and the thermometer is turned on.
  3. Open the relevant form and click on the temperature question.
  4. Your device will start scanning for the nearest temperature thermometer (if there are multiple in the area it will bring up a list and you'll simply select the one you need to use).
  5. If you have selected all food items, then you will need to select what food item you are testing.
  6. Your thermometer will start reading, click the button on your Thermometer to select the reading.

  7. Click manual reading if you want to add in a manual temperature reading.
  8. You can select or deselect any temperature recording taken by clicking them. If they are selected they will show green in the list with a tick. 
  9. SAVE your form as normal.
Quick Tip: If you use multiple Bluetooth Thermometers, tape the serial number on the front of each thermometer so it's super clear which is which. 
Note: If you are using a Bluetooth Probe contact us at  and we can help add and set up your Bluetooth Forms. 

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