Adding Closed Dates

If you are a business that has seasonal closures or holidays throughout the year then this feature may be for you.

If your business is closed for a block of time (e.g. closed for winter or over Christmas) then your Form completion percentages for a given date range may not look correct. You can now add closed date ranges to correct your Form Completion.

This feature is for blocking out a period of time, if your business has regular closed day(s), such as every Monday, then please refer to the Scheduling Forms article.

To set the date ranges when your business is closed:

  1. Log into your 'Administration Console'.
  2. Click 'My Business'.
  3. Click 'Closed Dates'.
  4. Click 'Add Dates'.
  5. Select the period that your business is closed for by clicking a starting day (in either calendar) and then an ending date (use the arrows to change months). If the period that you add overlaps an existing closed period then they are merged.

  6. Click 'DONE'. Your selected period will then be blocked out in the calendar, the date range will also be shown in the table below the calendar. 

  7. Note: The calendar shown allows you to visualise your closed date ranges - to add more dates use the 'Add Dates' button and to delete dates click the delete button in the table below the calendar.

  8. If you need to delete any of the closed date ranges you can click the delete button next to the range in the table at the bottom of the page.
  9. On your Administration Console Dashboard you will see 'Closed' for your closed date ranges.

  10. Similarly, on dates that you have set as 'Closed' no scheduled forms are shown in the Diary page on your tablet/phone. If you need to fill in a form on a closed date you can still access and complete your Ad Hoc Forms by clicking the Green Plus Button. 

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