Viewing Completed Forms on a Tablet

In Safe Food Pro you can view, edit and complete forms straight from the tablet

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Diary Checklist

If you've completed a form from your Daily, Weekly or Monthly Diary Checklist then you can easily click on the form to view it or go back in time to find a form from the past. You can also find these completed forms on the Saved Forms page. 

Note: We only store 30 Days' worth of completed forms on the Safe Food Pro App to ensure it's working at the best speed! You'll find the rest of your forms by logging into the Administration Console (Web).

Saved Forms

If you've completed an Ad Hoc form or saved one as a draft, you will find these on the Saved Forms page. 

  1. Log in to the Mobile App
  2. Open the Menu.
  3. Click Saved Forms.
  4. You can filter by date range or by form type to find your form.
  5. Here you can view or edit your form.

View Only My Forms

To make viewing easier, you can filter Saved Forms to only show the completed forms. This only works if you are logged on as your own user, if you are using a generic Tablet User this won't work. 

  1. Go to Saved Forms 
  2. Click on the Menu button -  Three lines in the top right corner
  3. Click Only My Forms 

Note: Some forms have restricted access such as staff sickness forms. You will need to enter your PIN to access these.

Mobile Form Reports

Create Form Reports straight from your mobile app. Keep a close eye on high-risk checks or stay up-to-date with past events. Make bulk changes conveniently and save time.

For Example: 

These could be used in a situation where a user has a form that needs to be updated several times a day for batches of items. For example: A bakery can use mobile forms to bulk edit the times when food items are removed from the oven instead of updating each item manually.

To set up your Mobile Form Report: 

  1. Go to Saved Forms 
  2. Click the Clipboard icon 
  3. Click the Green plus button to add a new report 
  4. Click Select form 
  5. Select the form you want to make into a report 
  6. Select up to 6 questions to add to your Form Report 
  7. Click next to Generate the report 
  8. Click Save 
  9. Click on the Report to view it 

To bulk edit a question in your Mobile Form Report:

  1. Open your Form report
  2. Select the rows you would like to change
  3. Press bulk edit x records button
  4. Select the answer to edit
  5. Enter the new value and save
  6. Select user and enter pin to sign

To delete the Form Report simply click back onto the report and press the trash can icon in the top right corner.

Note: Form reports are designed to be viewed on a tablet rather than a phone

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