Release Notes for November 2019

Release Version Numbers: Web - v2.1.39  | Android v1.4.7  & ios v1.4.7

New Features

New Answer Types

Add these new answer types into your Custom Forms or Existing forms

  • Selected Resource | Make your Form link straight to a specific Video or Document. This answer type is perfect for your staff training forms, visit from pest control form and more. 
  • No/Yes + Reason | This was highly requested by you guys and now it's here! We already have the Yes/No + Reason, but now you've got both. 
  • Conditional Sections | Hide or display a block of questions depending on the answer to a Yes/No Conditional Section Header.
  • Link to a Completed Form | You can now refer to a previously completed form when completing another form e.g. You could have a follow-up to a complaint or incident 

Monitor Pro 

Check out the new Monitor Pro temperature sensor features here: Monitoring your Monitor Pro Sensors

  • Sensor outage notifications 
  • Push notifications for temperatures exceeding boundaries 
  • View sensor outages from the dashboard
  • More detailed dashboard graphs 

Improved Features

  • Bulk Upload improvements | Bulk upload pin number for staff
  • Minor bug fixes
  • Improved report loading speed
  • Total value of numeric answers shown in reports
  • Improvements to printed Completed Forms | We have reduced the amount of space used for each question box, which will condense the size of your report
  • Organisation name added to Action Alert emails | When an action alert email is sent to you, it has the name of your Organisation in the header
  • Group Dashboard Improvements | Improvements made to spacing & layout

Wizard Update & Form Changes

We have been busy updating our Forms & Wizard to match MPI's updates. We've added Yes/No + Reason questions & repeating sections to some forms.

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