Preparing your Temperature Sensors for System Maintenance

Safe Food Pro is undergoing System Maintenance, this will affect your Temperature Sensor Notifications

We'd like to inform you about a planned system maintenance for Safe Food Pro. During this time, certain functionalities will be temporarily unavailable. 

🗓️ When:

Australia & Global (Not New Zealand Customers)

  • Date: Monday, 23rd July 2024 
  • AEST: 3am - 6am
  • ACST: 2:30am - 5:30am

New Zealand Customers 

  • Date & Time: Monday 29th 11pm - Tuesday 30th 3am NZT

❗ Impact:

  • Admin Console/Computer Login: Unavailable
  • Mobile App: Available offline if already logged in
  • Forms on the Web: Unavailable
  • Sensor Temperature Notifications: Will not be sent during this time

🌡️ Temperature Sensors:

Your Monitor Pro Sensors will continue to take readings offline during the maintenance. Once the maintenance is complete, the readings will be sent to your Admin Console.

Note: Sensor notifications will not work during the outage. If a fridge/freezer's readings go out of range and stay out of range, notifications will be sent at the end of the maintenance window.

To ensure smooth operations:

  1. Check that your fridges are in good condition before closing the night before the outage. 
  2. Check your Admin Console when you open on the next day to ensure no outages.
  3. Set up any additional measures necessary to ensure your food and fridges remain safe during maintenance.

Important: Ensure your team logs into the Mobile App before the scheduled maintenance if they plan to use it during this period.

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