Uploading Business Layout

Note: This is for New Zealand Customers Only

MPI requires that you draw a map and floor plan to show the design and physical location of your food business 

Add Business Layout Plan

  1. Go to My Business in the Administration Console.
  2. Click Food Plan Details
  3. Click Upload to upload your Business Layout Plan (one or more files containing a sketch, photographs etc).

Note: There is a 3 MB (1,000 KB) file size limit currently. If your file does not appear to be attached after you click the 'UPLOAD' button please check that it is not too large.

You can also download the business layout templates here: inside and outside.

If you need an example click here.

You can also add other resource files to Safe Food Pro from the main 'Resource' menu on the left side of the screen. These might be Operating and Maintenance Procedures, Training Manuals, Instruction Manuals etc. or links to external resources (videos or articles) on the Internet. You can also create your own custom forms that refer to these resources. See the related article below for detailed instructions.

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